ExtenDOS Pro

Version 2.4C is the latest version of ExtenDOS Pro, Anodyne Software's CD-ROM drivers for Atari systems. It provides access to CD-ROMs and audio CDs through most SCSI CD-ROM drives. ExtenDOS Pro offers:

bulleteasy installation and reconfiguration via a GEM-based installation program
bulletcompatibility with Atari TOS-based systems (and compatibles)
bulletsupport for a wide range of existing CD-ROM drives, including changer mechanisms
bulletautomatic support for most new drives from established manufacturers
bulletcomprehensive Atari operating system compatibility
bulletaccess to industry-standard CD-ROM formats
bulleta full-function audio CD player, invoked as a desk accessory or program
bulletdirect audioCD-to-disk recording (requires compliant hardware)
bulletan extremely stable and well-tested environment.

With ExtenDOS Pro, you can play audio CDs as easily as you can access the data on CD-ROMs. Put a CD-ROM in your drive, and access it like a large removable hard disk, or pop in an audio CD and use the included program to turn your CD-ROM drive into an audio player.

ExtenDOS Pro has been superceded by ExtenDOS 4

Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows