CD-ROM drives

Supported drives

The following is a partial list of supported drives:

bulletApple CD-300e, CD-300e+, PowerCD
bulletChinon 525, 535
bulletCompaq 561
bulletMediaVision Reno
bulletNakamichi MBR-7
bulletNEC 25, 35/72/77/80/82, 73/83, 37/74/84, 38/74-1/84-1
bulletNEC 210, 3Xe/3Xi/3Xp, 3Xp+/4Xe/4Xi
bulletPanasonic 501
bulletPioneer 602X, 604X, 124X
bulletPlextor 3024/3028, 5024/5028, 4plex
bulletSony 6211, 8022, 541, 561/55S
bulletSun CDPlus
bulletTexel 3024/5024
bulletToshiba 3201, 3301, 3401, 3501, 3601, 4101, 5201, 5301  

Supported functions

Supported functions depend on the type of drive:
Function Type of drive
Read standard CD-ROMs Any
Read photoCD Most current drives
Audio control/play Any fully SCSI-2 drive; selected SCSI-1
drives, including models from NEC and Sony
Audio copy Selected drives (see list)

NOTE: some (typically older) drives that claim SCSI-2 compatibility only implement part of the SCSI-2 specification. If you're not sure whether a specific CD-ROM drive is compatible, please contact Anodyne Software.


Last updated 29 April 2000 by Roger Burrows