Direct audio CD-to-disk recording

What is direct recording?

This feature allows you to copy the digital information from an audio CD directly to your hard disk; in other words, you can make a perfect digital copy of a CD. ExtenDOS Pro supports sampling rates are 25.033, 44.1, or 50.066 kHz, and the length of recording is limited only by the size of your hard disk.

Please note that this function requires hardware support within the CD-ROM drive (see below for a list of supported drives).

Supported drives

The following drives have been reported to work with ExtenDOS Pro:
Drive  Comments 
Apple CD300/CD600 (Matsushita 8004/8005)  OK 
Chinon 535  OK 
NEC (current models)  OK, but see NOTE below 
Pioneer 602X/124X  OK 
Plextor 4plex/etc  OK 
Sony 55S/561(& OEM equiv)  OK 
Toshiba 3401/3501/3601/3701, 4101, 5201/5301, etc  OK 

NOTE: many recent NEC SCSI-2 drives (1995 or later) work correctly. However, earlier SCSI-2 drives such as the NEC 3Xp have firmware bugs that prevent successful recording. Although they do not report any errors, the firmware does not always return the correct audio data. This results in 'stuttering' in the copied file.

For the latest support information, please contact Anodyne Software.


Last updated 29 April 2000 by Roger Burrows