CDbackup is the partition backup and restore component of CD Writer Suite. With CDbackup you can back up standard TOS hard disk partitions to CD, quickly and easily: at 4X recording speed, backups are written at 36MB per minute! 


CDbackup supports most CD recorders, including SCSI-3/MMC CD-R and CD-R(W) devices.

CDbackup v1.3 allows you to:

bulletwrite up to 99 backups and 650MB of user data to a standard CD-R(W) disk; VFAT (long filename) partitions are supported
bulletcreate multiCD backups for partitions too large to fit on to a single CD-R(W) disk
bulletadd backups to a CD-R(W) disk at any time until it is full
bulletverify that your backups were made successfully, by comparing the backup with the hard disk partition
bulletrestore an entire partition, quickly and easily
bulletrestore individual files from a single or multiCD backup
bulletcreate backups that can be mounted as TOS partitions, giving you direct access to individual files on your backup CDs. Not available for multiCD backups
bulleterase CD-RW disks
bulletsave your favourite backup and restore options

Please note: at this time, EXT2 and other non-standard partitions are not supported via CDbackup. For such partitions, you may use CD InScriptOr instead.

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Last updated 29 July 2004 by Roger Burrows