CD InScriptOr

CD InScriptOr is Anodyne Software's latest CD recording program. It creates data CDs in the standard ISO9660 format, making them readable on almost any computer system. In addition, it supports long filenames via the Joliet and/or Rock Ridge extensions to ISO9660, making it very suitable for modern operating systems such as MagiC or MiNT.

Features of CD InScriptOr v1.3:

bulletSimple user interface. Use the file selector (Boxkite/Selectric multiple file selection supported), or drag-and-drop from the desktop (if supported by your system) to specify the data to be written to CD in the Session window (see below). For simplicity, you need only specify a folder, and all the files and folders contained within it will be written too. With this feature you can specify an entire partition with one entry! Sets of specifications can be saved so that you can use the same list at a later date.
bulletCreates standard ISO9660 CDs. ISO9660 is the international standard for CD-ROM file systems, exactly as used on "stamped" CD-ROMs. CDs created by CD InScriptOr can be read on both Atari and non-Atari systems.
bulletSupports a wide range of CD recorders. Since CD InScriptOr uses ExtenDOS for its I/O, any CD recorder supported by the installed version of ExtenDOS can be used with CD InScriptOr. Further, as ExtenDOS is enhanced to support more recorders, CD InScriptOr will automatically be able to use those recorders.
bulletSupports multi-session recording. CD InScriptOr allows you to create multiple sessions on the same CD. For maximum flexibility, both independent (non-standard) sessions and merged (true multi-session) CDs are supported. In the latter case, identical files existing in previous sessions are not re-written.
bulletSupports CD Extra. In conjunction with CDwriter, you can create a CD Extra CD containing one or more audio tracks, followed by an ISO9660-compatible data track.
bulletSupports long filenames. Through its support for the Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions to ISO9660, CD InScriptOr allows you to store long filenames on your CDs that can be read on systems that support such names. This includes MagiC, MiNT, and many non-Atari systems such as Windows and Linux.
bulletExtremely flexible. CD InScriptOr provides many options via the General Options (see below) and the Advanced Options dialogs.



bulletSupports Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions. These extensions to ISO9660 allow additional information to be recorded "on top of" a standard ISO9660 file system, creating a CD that is usable with basic ISO9660 drivers as well as with drivers that support Joliet or Rock Ridge.
bulletPreserves file system permissions. The Posix-style file system permissions of a Minix or Ext2fs file system can optionally be preserved when creating a Rock Ridge CD, ideal for creating exact backups of directory trees.
bulletAllows relaxation of ISO9660 rules. Many acceptable TOS file and folder names are not valid ISO9660 names. This would mean either renaming such files and folders before creating a CD, or allowing the names to be changed when they are written to CD. Since, in many cases, neither is a satisfactory option, CD InScriptOr provides a full set of options which allow you to ignore one or more ISO9660 rules when creating a CD.
bulletUses "intelligent" file renaming. Depending on the options you have chosen for ISO9660 name compatibility, one or more files or folders may need to be stored under a different name on the CD. The CD InScriptOr renaming algorithm chooses a name that is as close as possible to the original.
bulletPerforms batch rename processing. If any files or folders need renaming when written to CD (according to the rules you have chosen), they are listed in a scrollable window which shows the original and new names. This allows you to quickly see the effect of the rules chosen, and change them if you wish to reduce the number of name changes.
bulletErase support. You can erase CD-RW disks, with a choice of FULL or QUICK. A full erase erases the entire CD; a quick erase erases just the first session.
bulletBubbleGEM support. Includes auto-raising help bubbles.

To create ISO9660 CDs, you will need the following items in addition to CD InScriptOr:

bulletExtenDOS Gold or ExtenDOS 4
bulletAtari or Atari-compatible, including:
bulletAtari ST or STe, with 4 MB RAM and Link96 or Link97 host adapter
bulletAtari Falcon030, TT030 or other Atari-compatible with SCSI interface
bulleta compatible CD recorder device (please see the relevant ExtenDOS documentation for a list)
bulletblank CD-R or CD-RW discs (63, 74, 80 minutes, etc.)
bulleta storage device to store the ISO9660 file system before writing it to a recordable disc
bulletoperating systems supported: TOS 1.4 and above, MagiC, MiNT and Geneva.

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Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows