CD Writer Plus Support

Updating to current version

The current version of CDWriter Plus is v2.1;  download a free update from version 2.0.
If you have CDWriter Plus v1.0, you can  download a free update to v1.0A.
If you wish to update from version 1.0 or 1.0A to the current version, please see How to order.

Translated resource (.RSC) files

The following translations of CD Writer Plus v1 resource files have been supplied to us through the generosity of our users. They are being made available to CD Writer Plus v1 owners on an 'as-is' basis; you use them at your own risk. You may use them as replacements for installed .RSC files; do NOT replace the .RSC files on your distribution diskette with the translations, since this may cause subsequent updates to fail.

Although we believe that the translations are substantially correct, we cannot guarantee their accuracy, due to our limited knowledge of the languages concerned. If you discover an error, please let us know so that we can correct it.

If you have any difficulties running the programs in CD Writer Plus v1 with these versions of the .RSC files, please reinstall the distribution versions before contacting us with a problem report.

Download Italian RSC files for CD Writer Plus v1

IMPORTANT: These files do NOT include an Italian version of the .RSC file for CD Writer 2. Do NOT use the included CDWRITER.RSC file with CD Writer 2: it will not work!


If you have any problems with CD Writer Plus v1, please update to the latest versions of both CD Writer and ExtenDOS Gold; this may fix your problem.

Updated 23/September/1999
CD Writer Plus version 2.1 is now available! This fixes all known problems in version 2.0, and adds the capability of backing up DOS-style partitions. We recommend that all owners of version 2.0 update to this version.

If you have any problems with CD Writer Plus v2, please update to v2.1 first; this may fix your problem.

If you have updated to the latest version of CD Writer Plus and ExtenDOS Gold, and are still having problems, you may contact us for assistance by email (preferred) or telephone.


Last updated 23 September 1999 by Roger Burrows