Ordering CD Writer Plus v2


In the UK, CD Writer Plus v2 is distributed by Atari Workshop. Elsewhere in the world, it is available from your local Atari dealer, or directly from Anodyne Software.

Existing owners of CD Writer or CD Writer Plus v1 are eligible for upgrade pricing. If you have sent in your registration card, just send in your upgrade fee (see below). If you haven't sent your card, please send it with your upgrade fee. If you have misplaced your registration card, you may send your CD Writer or CD Writer Plus v1 distribution diskette as proof of purchase; it will be returned with your upgrade.


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CDWriter Plus v1
New order price
Within Canada
$49.95 Cdn
$39.95 Cdn
$99.95 Cdn
$39.95 US
$29.95 US
$79.95 US

All prices include airmail shipping.

Methods of payment

Please make your payment by cheque or money order. Ontario residents please add 8% PST.

Please note that we cannot accept credit card payments at this time. If you wish to pay by credit card, we suggest you contact your local or mail-order Atari dealer.

Mailing address

Anodyne Software
5737 Belmeade Road
Ontario K0A 2W0

Last updated 22 January 2004 by Roger Burrows