ExtenDOS Gold Support

Additional documentation

ExtenDOS Gold v3.1 and later versions contain the Session Manager CPX, a new function that is documented in the current ExtenDOS Gold manual. If you have an earlier manual, you can access the CPX documentation online.

Updating to the current version

The current version of ExtenDOS Gold is version 3.4C:  download a free update from earlier versions.

MiNT XFS support

An interim, beta test MiNT XFS is now available, packaged as an update to the current version (see above). This update adds no new features except the XFS, and therefore is only of relevance to MiNT users. To download this update, please click on the link below.

    Download update containing MiNT XFS

NOTE: the EXTENDOS.PRG and UNIMiNT.XFS contained in the above update will expire (stop working) on 31/December/2004. To download patches to fix this problem, please click on the following link.

    Download patches for MiNT XFS

Translated resource (.RSC) files

The following translations of ExtenDOS Gold resource files have been supplied to us through the generosity of our users. They are being made available to ExtenDOS Gold owners on an 'as-is' basis; you use them at your own risk. You may use them as replacements for installed .RSC files; do NOT replace the .RSC files on your distribution diskette with the translations, since this may cause subsequent updates to fail.

Although we believe that the translations are substantially correct, we cannot guarantee their accuracy, due to our limited knowledge of the languages concerned. If you discover an error, please let us know so that we can correct it.

If you have any difficulties running ExtenDOS Gold programs using these versions of the .RSC files, please reinstall the distribution versions before contacting us with a problem report.

Download German CDaudio RSC file for ExtenDOS Gold v3.4 thru v3.4C Contributed by Lars Schmidbauer

Download German CDaudio RSC file for ExtenDOS Gold v3.3B/v3.3C/v3.3D This translation is based on the translations below.

Download German CDaudio RSC file for ExtenDOS Gold v3.3/v3.3A This archive contains two independent translations (by Ronny Berndt and Gunnar Gröbel).

Download Italian RSC files for ExtenDOS Gold v3.3B/v3.3C/v3.3D Contributed by Mauro Brollo

ATAPI drive compatibility

Because of the wide variations in the implementation of the ATAPI specification, some recent ATAPI drives may not function properly with the current version of ExtenDOS Gold. If you have such a drive, you may be able to use it successfully by specifying a "Device type" via the installation program INSTALL.APP. The following device types should be used:

Type of CD device Suggested device type
CD-ROM drive 3
CD-R drive 4
CD-RW drive 5

Please see the ExtenDOS Gold manual for how to set the device type.

HDDRIVER settings

If a SCSIDRV driver is present when the installation program INSTALL.APP runs, ExtenDOS Gold will be configured to access CD devices via SCSIDRV rather than via its own internal routines. If your SCSIDRV driver is being provided by the generic SCSI driver feature of HDDRIVER, the following HDDRIVER options must be set correctly for ExtenDOS Gold to work:

bullet"Background transfers (MagiC)" must be disabled
bullet"CD-ROM Drives like Removable Disk Drives" must be disabled

In addition, for almost all CD recorders:

bullet"SCSI Bus Arbitration" must be enabled


All known problems are fixed in v3.4C; if you have any problem in earlier releases of ExtenDOS Gold, please update to v3.4C. If you have updated to the latest version and are having any other problems, you may contact us for assistance by email (preferred) or telephone.


Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows