Installation and reconfiguration

ExtenDOS Gold is installed and reconfigured using a fully graphical installation program; online help is available at all times through the HELP button on each screen. Installation and reconfiguration are similar processes, except that in installation mode, the program additionally copies all ExtenDOS Gold components from the installation diskette to the appropriate folders on your hard disk.

After starting the program, and selecting installation or reconfiguration mode on the startup screen, the program identifies all available system busses, and then scans them for CD devices. When the scan is complete, the bus summary screen is displayed:

This screen is the heart of the setup process; here you may select Global options to set up those ExtenDOS Gold parameters that are system-wide, or you may select a specific bus to see all of the devices identified on that bus:

In the case shown above, device 0 on the IDE bus is a hard disk device, so it is greyed out to show that it is not available for selection. Device 1 is a CD device (in this case a Panasonic DVD) so it may be selected (as you can see, the drive letter P is currently assigned to this device). Devices that are blank (have no device currently connected) may also be selected, which allows you to setup devices that are temporarily disconnected or not yet installed. Selecting a device causes the options screen for that device to be displayed:

Here the basic options for each device can be set, including the device letter, the size of cache buffers, and (only if needed for problem reporting) the tracing parameters. Less frequently used options are available on the Setup CD-ROM changer and Advanced options screens. For maximum flexibility, both basic and advanced options can be set independently for each CD device on your system. However, to simplify setup, you can also choose to set the same options for all devices by selecting Set ALL ids on this screen.


Last updated 4 September 2000 by Roger Burrows