Hardware compatibility 

System requirements

ExtenDOS Gold runs on almost all TOS-based system, including:

bulletoriginal Atari systems, including the ST, STe, Mega, MegaSTe, TT030, and Falcon030
bulletAtari-compatibles, including the Hades040 and Hades060
bulletmany upgrade boards for Atari systems, including the Afterburner and CenTurbo2
bulletany system that contains a SCSIDRV interface to SCSI or ATAPI CD devices, including MagicPC, MagicMac, and systems that support SCSIDRV via a third-party driver such as HDDRIVER

For the latest information on system compatibility, please contact Anodyne Software.

CD device requirements

ExtenDOS Gold supports the following devices:

bulleta SCSI CD device connected to the SCSI port of a TT030/Falcon030/Hades060, or to a SCSI port that is accessible via SCSIDRV
bulleta SCSI CD device connected via a suitable host adapter (see below) to the ACSI port of an ST/STe/Mega/MegaSTe/TT030, or to an ACSI port that is accessible via SCSIDRV, or
bulletan ATAPI CD device connected to an IDE port that is accessible via SCSIDRV  

Host adapter requirements

SCSI drives must be connected to the ACSI port of an Atari system via a host adapter, which performs the protocol conversion between ACSI and SCSI. If you wish to connect a device that requires SCSI arbitration (such as most CD recorders), the host adapter must provide this function. At this time, the only host adapters that support SCSI arbitration are the Link96/Link97 host adapters by WB Systemtechnik.

In order to support all other ExtenDOS Gold facilities, including playing audio CDs, reading photoCDs, and direct audio CD recording, the host adapter must be an ICD AdSCSI+/Link/Link2 or WB Systemtechnik Link96/Link97 or equivalent host adapter. These adapters implement the ICD extended SCSI command support, which allows the full range of SCSI commands to be sent to the drive.

Most other host adapters (including the original Atari host adapter, the Supra, the BMS, and certain early ICD adapters) are not capable of transmitting the commands necessary to support audio CD and photoCD.

If you're not sure whether your host adapter is compatible, please contact Anodyne Software.

Last updated 4 September 2000 by Roger Burrows