CD-ROM drives

Supported drives

ExtenDOS Gold supports SCSI-2 and SCSI-3/MMC-compliant CD-ROM drives, many SCSI-1 CD-ROM drives, and ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM drives that comply with ATAPI revisions 1.2 and 2.6. The following shows the features available for each of the supported drives. Note that later drives from the same manufacturer often use the same command set as earlier drives; if so, they will be automatically supported by ExtenDOS Gold.

For a list of CD recorders supported by ExtenDOS Gold, please see the CD recorders page.

Please contact Anodyne Software with the names of any CD-ROM drives we do not support that you would like to see supported.

Drive Notes
Apple CD SC+, CD150 (Sony CDU8002) P
Apple Power CD (Philips CDF080) P
Apple 300 (Sony CDU8003A) P M D
Apple 300+ (Matsushita CR8004) P M D
Apple 600 (Matsushita CR8005) P M D
Chinon 435 P
Chinon 525 P M
Chinon 535 P M D
Compaq CR-503BCQ (Matsushita) P D
Compaq CDU561 (Sony) P M D
MediaVision Reno P M
NRC MBR-7 (Nakamichi/NEC/JVC/Mountain) P M
Nakamichi MJ-4.8s, MJ-5.16s P M D
NEC 25, 73, 83 P
NEC 35, 72, 77, 80, 82 -
NEC 37, 74, 84 P M
NEC 38, 74-1, 84-1 P M D 1 2
NEC 400, 401, 410, 500, 501, 510 (MultiSpin 3X/4X series) P M D 1 2
Panasonic (Matsushita) 501 -
Pioneer 602, 124X P M D
Pioneer 604 (old firmware) -
Pioneer 604 P M
Plextor 3028, 5028 P M
Plextor 4plex, 6plex, 8plex, 12plex, 20plex, 32plex, 40plex P M D
Sony 541, 6211, 8022 P
Sony 55S, 76S, 561, 7811 P M D
Sun CDPlus (Sony 561SUNMSCD) P M D
TEAC CD-50 P M 3
TEAC CD-56S, CD-516S, CD-532S P M D 4
Texel 3021, 5021 -
Texel 3024, 5024 P
Texel 3028, 5028 P M
Toshiba 3201 -
Toshiba 3301 P
Toshiba 3401, 3501, 3601, 3701, 4101, 5201, 5301, 5401, 5901, 6201, 6401 P M D
Toshiba 3801, 5701 P M D 5
SCSI-3/MMC-compliant drives P M D 6
ATAPI/IDE drives P M D 6

P: Can read single-session photo CD discs.
M: Can read multisession photo CD discs, and backup CDs created by CDbackup.
D: Can extract audio from audio CDs in digital form.
1: For maximum support, ensure that the SCSI-2 switch or jumper is on.
2: Some earlier SCSI-2 drives such as the NEC 3Xp have firmware bugs that prevent successful recording. Although they do not report any errors, the firmware does not always return the correct audio data. This results in 'stuttering' in the copied file.
3: Prior to ExtenDOS Gold v3.3, specify a device type of 40 for this drive.
4: Prior to ExtenDOS Gold v3.3, specify a device type of 30 for this drive.
5: Some examples of this drive do not have software volume control: use the front panel control instead.
6: ExtenDOS Gold implements the SCSI-3/MMC and ATAPI/IDE standards to communicate with compliant CD-ROM drives; therefore any drive that follows these specifications should work with ExtenDOS Gold.

Last updated 11 July 2002 by Roger Burrows