Diamond Edge

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Diamond Edge version 2.57 is the latest version of the well-known disk management tool, previously distributed by Oregon Research.

Major features of Diamond Edge

bulletsupports FAT12 (floppy) or FAT16 (hard disk) filesystems: partition sizes of up to 1 GB are supported, depending on the operating system in use
bulletoptimises (defragments) partitions: partitions can be optimised for reading or writing
bulletcopies partitions, either as an image or with defragmentation
bulletzeros, unzeroes, and wipes partitions
bullettests and repairs disk structures
bulletundeletes files: Diamond Mirror (included) permits successful undeletion even with fragmented files
bulletvalidates files (using checksum or CRC) to detect file modification
bulletsaves and restores FAT/root directory information
bulletmaps bad disk sectors

The following additional functions are also supported if a SCSIDRV driver is present:

bulletsave and restore partitioning information
bulletpartition hard disks

Both Atari and ICD partitioning schemes are supported.

IMPORTANT: Diamond Edge is now open source! You can download the executable and the manual from here. The source code is available here.

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Last updated 26 January 2017 by Roger Burrows