Direct audio CD-to-disk copying

What is direct copying?

This feature, often just called recording, allows you to copy the digital information from an audio CD directly an audio file on your hard disk; in other words, you can make a perfect digital copy of a CD. ExtenDOS 4 supports sampling rates of 25.033, 44.1, or 50.066 kHz, and the length of the recording is limited only by the size of your hard disk.

Please note that this function requires firmware support within the drive. This support is available on most CD/DVD recorders, as well as many CD/DVD drives.

How do I make a direct copy?

This is done from CDaudio's record window, shown below:

This allows you to select the part of the CD to be recorded by using the +/- buttons above and below the track and time values, with a resolution of 1 frame (1/75 second). If your selection crosses one or more track boundaries, you will be prompted whether to create one or more files. To set recording parameters, click on the Change button, and the recording preferences window will be displayed:

After setting up the parameters, simply click on the Record button in the record window. A file selector will prompt you for the name of the file you wish to create, and then recording will begin. While recording is in progress, a progress bar will be displayed:

Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows