Audio CD playback

ExtenDOS 4 includes a full audio CD player, available both as an accessory and as a program. The player utilises four main windows: play, record, general preferences and record preferences. Each window is completely independent and may be minimised (to show just the title bar) by clicking on the upper right window gadget. The play window is shown below:

If you have more than one CD device, a single copy of CDaudio can control them all simultaneously; the device being controlled is shown in the play window, and selected via the General preferences window, shown below:

Apart from selecting the drive to be controlled, this window also specifies where to obtain text information about audio CDs.

For information about the recording function, see here.

ExtenDOS 4 conforms to the defined CD-ROM software interface standard; programming details for this interface are available on request from Anodyne Software. This interface allows third-party software products such as the CDPLAYER program from Alexander Clauss to access the audio CD functions and provide capabilities beyond those available in the CDaudio program/accessory.

Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows