CD Writer Suite Updates

Updating from CD Writer Suite

If you own an earlier version of CD Writer Suite, you can update to the current version at no charge by downloading one or more of the following update files:
bulletUpdate v3.0 to v3.2
bulletUpdate v3.2 to v3.3
bulletUpdate v3.3 to v3.3a

Please note that the downloads only include updates for the CDbackup, CD InScriptOr / MKISOFS, and CDwriter programs. If you would prefer to get a complete update, which includes updates to the other files on the CD such as Aniplayer and the MyAtari magazine, you may send us your CD Writer Suite distribution CD and an update fee (see below), and we will send you a replacement CD containing the current version.

Update fee schedule

Your location CD Writer Suite update
Within Canada $10 Cdn
Within the USA $10 US
Within the UK 5 pounds
Worldwide $10 US

The above prices include airmail shipping.

Methods of payment

For North American or UK orders, please make your payment by cheque or money order. Ontario residents please add 8% PST.

For shipments elsewhere, please pay by money order if possible. For other arrangements, please contact us.

Mailing address

Anodyne Software
5737 Belmeade Road
Ontario K0A 2W0

Last updated 3 March 2006 by Roger Burrows