CDwriter is the audio CD creation part of CD Writer Suite. With CDwriter you can create audio CDs that can be played back on a standard audio CD player or on your CD-ROM drive. The CD tracks are created from your own audio files (one file = one track), or from audio CDs. 


Key Features of CDwriter v2.3:

bulletCopy directly from CD to CD, without copying the tracks to hard disk; you can even use several different CDs as the source. CD-ROM drive supporting digital copy required
bulletAVR, AIF, WAV and MP3 file formats supported. MP3 support requires Aniplayer
bulletCD Extra format supported. In conjunction with CD InScriptOr, create CDs containing both audio and data tracks
bulletFlexible storage of your source audio files. The files can be on hard disk or on many removable media (ZIP, JAZ, CD, etc). You can swap removable media during writing
bulletFlexible pause control. Set the pause for each track independently, or set a default pause to apply to all tracks. The pause can be set to 0.1 seconds precision, between 0.0 and 9.9 seconds. Pauses less than 2 seconds require hardware support from your CD recorder. For source CD tracks, you can choose to keep the original pause found on the track, or alter it
bulletImproved QuickCreate wizard to automatically create a compilation from many folders of audio files, and write them to CD
bulletLong filenames supported under MagiC only.When adding files to the compilation, the song name/description field is filled with the filename stripped of its extension, if a name is otherwise unavailable.
bulletAudition before writing. Gauge the pause you are setting, by auditioning the end of a track, the pause, and the beginning of the next track, at the click of a button. Or play a whole track before writing. Tested on 68030 only
bulletFast recording at 4x on 68030 and faster systems, and at 2x even on 8-MHz 68000 systems such as the 1040ST
bulletFile Buffer option. For slow source drives, use a file buffer on a faster hard disk drive to write successfully at higher speeds
bulletDrag and drop to re-order, remove, cut and paste file entries inside a compilation
bulletPrinting of CD contents (track numbers, song names, times). Print-to-file support allows export of CD contents to word processing programs
bullet80-minute CD-Rs supported
bulletBubbleGEM support. Includes auto-raising help bubbles  

To create audio CDs, you will need the following items in addition to CDwriter:

bulletExtenDOS Gold or ExtenDOS 4
bulletAtari or Atari-compatible, including:
bulletAtari ST or STe, with 1 MB RAM and Link96 or Link97 host adapter
bulletAtari Falcon030, TT030 or other Atari-compatible with SCSI interface
bulleta compatible CD recorder device (please see the relevant ExtenDOS documentation for a list)
bulletblank CD-R (CD-Recordable) discs (63, 74, 80 minutes, etc.)
bulletstorage device to store your audio files before writing them to a CD-R disc
bulletoperating systems supported: TOS 1.4 and above, MagiC, MiNT and Geneva.
bulletoptional: Aniplayer for auditioning audio files and converting MP3 files (unregistered version included)

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Last updated 31 August 2005 by Roger Burrows