CD Writer Suite Support

Updating to the current version

The current version of CD Writer Suite is version 4.10, which contains the following programs:

bulletCDbackup v4.10
bulletCD InScriptOr v4.10 (with MKISOFS v4.10)
bulletCDwriter v4.10

Owners of earlier versions of CD Writer Suite v4 may download an update at no additional cost!

If you wish to upgrade from CD Writer Suite v3, please see how to order.

Using CD InScriptOr with CDs created under Mac OS

Using CD InScriptOr to add sessions to an ISO9660 CD created on another system is not officially supported, but is believed to work in most cases. However, if the existing session was created under Mac OS, and you attempt to merge a new session with the existing one, this process will not work properly. This is due to the presence of "associated files" on the CD, corresponding to the Mac's resource forks.

This restriction may be lifted in a future version of CD InScriptOr.


There are no known bugs in CD Writer Suite v4.10 at this time. If you encounter any problems, please ensure you are running the latest versions of both CD Writer Suite and ExtenDOS before contacting us.

If you have updated to the latest versions and are still having problems, you may contact us for assistance by email (preferred) or telephone.

Last updated 23 December 2008 by Roger Burrows