CDbackup is the partition backup and restore component of CD Writer Suite. With CDbackup you can back up standard TOS hard disk partitions to CD or DVD, quickly and easily: at 4X CD recording speed, backups are written at 36MB per minute! 


CDbackup supports most CD and DVD recorders, including SCSI-3/MMC devices.

New features of CDbackup v4.10:

bulletMagiC-style symbolic links are now restored correctly if the current operating system supports them (i.e. MagiC or MiNT). In the restore window, symlinks are italicised to distinguish them from normal files.
bulletA backup "read check" option has been added to permit quick detection of unreadable backups that can occur when writing to defective media.
bulletAn entire folder (and included files and subfolders) can now be restored at one time. To support this, a new set of options has been added to the Options menu.

Existing features of CDbackup:

bulletbackup FAT16, FAT32, Ext2 and Minix partitions; FAT16 and FAT32 partitions may contain long filenames (VFAT)
bulletwrite up to 99 backups to a standard CD or DVD
bulletcreate multidisk backups for partitions too large to fit on to a single CD or DVD
bulletadd backups to a CD or DVD at any time until it is full
bulletverify that your backups were made successfully, by comparing the backup with the hard disk partition
bulletrestore an entire partition, quickly and easily
bulletrestore individual files from a single or multidisk backup
bulletcreate backups that can be mounted as TOS partitions, giving you direct access to individual files on your backup CD/DVDs. Only available for single disk backups of FAT16 partitions
bulleterase CD-RW or DVD-RW disks
bulletsave your favourite backup and restore options

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Last updated 23 December 2008 by Roger Burrows